Podcast by Phone

Increase student's communication and participation by podcasting using a simple phone.
It is free.
Engage students in a meanigful real life activity.
Assess Oral and written skills
Develop 21st skills
Sign up for a free account at:

Podcast using audacity:

It is free. Dowload audacity software from internet at no cost.

Bring your class alive by present your content through a podcast
Allow students to develop listening skills and notes skills.
Work in collaboration with your students to create radio shows with the content they have learned.
Assess student's learning.
Save students work on Cds, Ipods on harddrive.
Share with Parents your students growth.
Have fun as you teach and they learn!

Good Website to host and share your podcasts:

Visit my page for ideas.

Step by Step tutorial on Podomatic and Audacity